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KWS BRE FAQ #1 for BRE Families and Staff

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KWS BEAR ROAD ELEMENTARY SCHOOL RENOVATION RELOCATION REQUENTLY As the North Syracuse Central School District progresses with the voter-approved renovations to KWS Bear Road Elementary School, we will update community members with a website (, letters to families and periodic Frequently Asked Questions sheets. SKED Q. UESTIONS Week of January 21, 2020 Updated 3/10/20 RELOCATION Q. HOW WILL THIS RENOVATION IMPACT MY CHILD? A. KWS BRE students in grades 3-4 will be relocated to Lakeshore Road Elementary (LRE) for the 2020-2021 BEAR ROAD ELEMENTARY and 2021-2022 school years. Q. WILL KWS BRE YOUNGER SIBLINGS HAVE AN OPPORTUNITY TO ATTEND LRE SO ALL SIBLINGS IN A FAMILY WILL NOT BE SENT TO A PROJECT TIME-LINE DIFFERENT SCHOOL? Q. WHEN WILL CONSTRUCTION BEGIN? A. Yes, K-2 students who attend KWS BRE and have an A. The project has been submitted to the New York State older sibling in grades 3-4 relocating to LRE will be Education Department for approval. Once the project is allowed to attend LRE. approved, the District will seek bids and a construction Q. WILL KWS BRE STUDENTS BE PLACED IN TRADITIONAL CLASSROOMS WHEN time-line will be communicated as plans develop. Q. WHAT IS THE ANTICIPATED DATE FOR THE ATTENDING LRE? RENOVATION TO BE COMPLETE? A. All KWS BRE students who will be attending LRE will be A. The anticipated date for students returning to KWS BRE placed in fully-functional classroom environments, with is September 2022. Although not expected change, this a Smartboard, Chromebooks, and other instructional date may be adjusted given the scarcity of commercial resources as is usual practice in District. labor and market forces. Q. WILL KWS BRE YOUNGER SIBLINGS WHO ARE IN GRADES K-2 AND ATTEND LRE DURING THE RENOVATION WITH THEIR OLDER SIBLINGS BE ALLOWED TO CONTINUE TONE PIC ATTENDING LRE AFTER THE RENOVATION PROJECT IS COMPLETE? WEGRM A. Yes, those KWS BRE younger siblings who attend LRE will be allowed to continue to attend LRE after the project is completed. The District will provide transportation. www.NSCSD.ORG

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P. 2: KWS BRE RENOVATION/RELOCATION FAQ #1 RELOCATION (Continued) CLASS SIZE Q. WILL MY CHILD HAVE A CHANCE TO VISIT Q. WILL THIS RENOVATION PROJECT LRE BEFORE ATTENDING? INCREASE CLASS SIZES AT KWS BRE OR LAKESHORE ROAD ELEMENTARY? A. Yes, the District is working to arrange special visits and tours for students and staff that will be impacted by the A. The District is committed to maintaining manageable relocation. Dates for visits will be communicated as they class sizes and will assign staff consistent with usual are established. District practice. SIBLINGS Q. WILL MY CHILD STILL HAVE SPECIAL CLASSES (ART, MUSIC, PE, LIBRARY)? A. Yes, all students will have specials on their schedule and Q. HOW SHOULD I NOTIFY THE DISTRICT TO REQUEST THE YOUNGER SIBLING OF MY instruction will be consistent with usual District practice. GRADE 3-4 KWS BRE STUDENT TO ATTEND Q. WILL KWS BRE AND LRE STUDENTS BE LRE? INTEGRATED INTO THE SAME CLASSES OR A. Parents who would like a younger sibling of a KWS BRE WILL THEY BE KEPT SEPARATE? 3-4 grade student to attend LRE with their older siblings A. KWS BRE students will be fully integrated into classes should notify the Secretary to the Superintendent, Marilyn with LRE students throughout the renovation project. Nandin (, in writing. Requests must be submitted in writing before May 1. This decision is consistent with our District's mission to create a welcoming, fully-inclusive school community. The Q. CAN PARENTS REQUEST A K-2 STUDENT ATTEND LRE IF THEY DO NOT HAVE AN OLDER District administration, building principals, teachers, and support staff will continue to work to provide a welcoming SIBLING ATTENDING LRE? environment and support our student's social emotional A. No, the District does not want to create overcrowding and needs throughout the transition process. can only accommodate KWS BRE students in grades 3-4 TRANSPORTATION and their younger siblings. Q. WILL TRANSPORTATION BE PROVIDED FOR STUDENTS IN GRADES 3-4 AND SIBLINGS IN K-2 WHO REQUEST TO ATTEND LRE? A. Yes, the District will provide transportation for KWS BRE students in grades 3-4 and their younger siblings in grades K-2 throughout the renovation project. Q. WILL THE DISTRICT BE PROVIDING REGULAR TRANSPORTATION FOR THE KWS BRE STUDENTS IMPACTED BY THE RULE RENOVATION? Q. HOW CAN I FIND OUT THE LATEST A. Yes, students will be picked up and dropped off just as PROJECT UPDATES? they are currently. A. The District has created a website specifically for project updates: All parent North Syracuse Central School District 5355 West Taft Road correspondence, FAQ sheets and Board of Education North Syracuse Central North Syracuse, NY 13212 (315) 218-2100 presentations will be available on the website, along with School District any other important announcements. www.NSCSD.ORG/BRERENO

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