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*3 ALLEN ROAD ELEMENTARY SCHOOL PROGRAM CHANGES IN RELATION TO KWS BRE RENOVATION REQUENTLY As the North Syracuse Central School District progresses with the voter-approved renovations to KWS Bear Road Elementary School, we will update community members with a website (, letters to families and periodic Frequently Asked Questions sheets. SKED Q UESTIONS Week of March 2, 2020 Q. WHAT PROGRAMMING CHANGES ARE BEING MADE AT ARE FOR THE 2020-2021 SCHOOL YEAR? ALLEN ROAD A. The ARE ENL program will be relocated to SRE. The ELEMENTARY Special Education 8:1:1 class at LRE will be relocated to ARE. Q. WHAT IS THE ENGLISH AS A NEW LANGUAGE PROGRAM (ENL)? Q. WHY ARE THERE SO MANY CHANGES HAPPENING IN THE DISTRICT AT THIS TIME? A. The ENL program supports students who primarily speak a language other than English to ensure that these students acquire and develop English language proficiency. Cicero Elementary (CE) also has an ENL program. A. The North Syracuse Central School District periodically reviews educational programs, staffing and associated facilities to ensure that students are being served in the most effective environment. There are various factors that Q. WHY IS THE ARE ENL PROGRAM BEING RELOCATED? require shifts in programming and facilities at this time: 1. Due to long-needed renovations at KWS BRE (Bear A. The ENL program at ARE has been experiencing growth Road Elementary) that were recently approved by voters, students in grades 3 and 4 at BRE will be relocated to Lakeshore Road Elementary (LRE). A review of available space in the District found that the only building capable of accommodating the number of relocated students was and is expected to outgrow available space at ARE. In order to meet the expected growth, the program is being moved to SRE. Q. HOW WILL OUR ENL STUDENTS BE SUPPORTED THROUGHOUT THIS LRE. TRANSITION? 2. A subsequent review of space at LRE showed that the Special Education 8:1:1 class would benefit with relocating to a more centralized location. Many of the 8:1:1 students have lengthy bus rides of up to 45 minutes each way which is difficult for the students. ARE space is conducive to a A. Mr. Lunden, Director of the ENL Program, and Mrs. Maloney, Principal at SRE, will be scheduling times during the day and after school to meet directly with the families of our ENL students. They will be working closely with parents and teachers to ensure a successful transition. self-contained special education class. 3. To accommodate a growing population of English language learners, the English as a New Language (ENL) program ARE students and families will have an opportunity to visit SRE this spring to tour the building, meet staff/students and become acquainted with the school's community. will be relocated from ARE to Smith Road Elementary (SRE). Trends in population show that this program will outgrow available space at ARE in the near future. Professional development for SRE staff will take place both this spring and across the summer to support teachers in meeting the needs of our English Language Learners. www.NSCSD.ORG

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P. 2: ARE RELOCATION IN RELATION TO KWS BRE RENOVATION FAQ #3 - March 2, 2020 STAFFING AT ARE appY Q. HOW WILLARE STUDENTS AND STAFF BE 100 day the Veloe De IMPACTED BY PROGRAM CHANGES? A. The ARE ENL teachers will be relocated to SRE with the ENL student group. The LRE 8:1:1 teachers and teaching assistants will be relocated to ARE along with the students. There are currently no other changes planned for ARE with the exception of the addition of a full-time social worker at ARE to support student needs (pending approval of the 2020-2021 school budget). ARE students with Individualized Education Plans (IEPS) will continue as indicated on their current plan. Any additional impact is not anticipated and if experienced will be minor and temporary. 8:1:1 SPECIAL CLASS Q. WHAT IS THE TIMELINE FOR PRINCIPAL Q. WHAT IS AN 8:1:1 SPECIAL CLASS? SELECTION AT ARE? A. The District anticipates appointing a new principal by mid-April with that candidate beginning July 1, 2020. Mrs. Cambs, the Interim Principal, will be in place throughout A. An 8:1:1 special class is a class of students consisting of students with disabilities grouped together because of similarity of individual needs. These students receive specially designed instruction in a self- contained setting meaning that such students can receive their primary instruction separate from their non-disabled peers. When possible, for part of their school day, students may attend a general education classroom. the transition period. A committee has been formed and will be interviewing candidates over the next few weeks. Special class programs are currently located at Roxboro Road Elementary School, Smith Road Elementary School, Lakeshore Road Elementary School, Gillette Road Middle School, Roxboro Road Middle School, North Syracuse Junior High School and Cicero-North Syracuse High SUN DA Spark School. Q. HOW WILL OUR STUDENTS PLACED IN THE 8:1:1 PROGRAM BE SUPPORTED THROUGHOUT THIS TRANSITION? A. District administrators have met with parents of 8:1:1 students to answer questions about the transition. Ms. Garafalo, Director of Instructional Programming for Special Education, will be organizing training for ARE staff and will be continuously working with parents and teachers to Learn more online at support the transition. 8:1:1 students, parents and staff will have an opportunity to visit ARE this spring to tour the building, meet staff/students and become acquainted with the school's community. All parent correspondence, FAQ sheets and Board of Education presentations will be available on the website, along with any other important announcements. www.NSCSD.ORG/BRERENO I WIsh

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