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Middle School 1:1 Laptop Program

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Middle School 1:1 Laptop Program Coming Soon Maricopa Wells Middle School & Desert Wind Middle School will begin a 1:1 laptop pilot program on January 27th, 2019. Details are attached below on the program overview form. This document is also available on each school's webpage.

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Maricopa Unified School District MARICOPA L.nified School District Drea. lesn, lecome. 1:1 Pilot Program Overview Dear Parents, We are thrilled to announce the opportunity to integrate student laptops into our classrooms. As part of Maricopa Unified School District's Strategic Plan, Goal 2: Every student has access to and equity in excellent educational services, resources, and programs, we will implement a 1:1 pilot program in our middle schools beginning the end of January. This endeavor allows us to provide each student with a new laptop to enhance curriculum and instruction in the classroom. We are thankful for our community support via override funding and for community partners who are making this opportunity possible. Together we are moving our students into the future with technology that will not only assist in their education, but will also prepare them for future endeavors. We will begin with a series of lessons on the use and care of the device. The lessons are designed to assist in preventing damage to the laptop and can be reviewed at home via a link on your child's school website: and Schoolwide assemblies are scheduled to review these expectations. Students will have the devices with them throughout the day. They will check out the device daily from their last period teacher then return it back before the end of day dismissal. The laptops will be for school use only and are not to be taken home. It is imperative that the teachers, students and parents all understand the importance of treating the devices with the best care possible, as we need these laptops to last for years to come. Students willI be responsible for the care of the device per the device found on the back side of this form. Students who abuse or neglect technology will be subject to disciplinary action found in our student handbook. As part of our daily instruction, students will be using several web based programs such as Pearson enVisions (math) and McGraw Hill StudySync (ELA) just to name a few. It is highly encouraged that your child use his/her accounts from home as much as possible. January 2020 Maricopa Unified School District #20

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Maricopa Unified School District MARICOPA L.nified School District Drear. leen, Recome 1:1 Pilot Program Overview Parent and Student Responsibilities To support your child's use of this device, we ask that you please review the following guidelines: Student Responsibilities I will never leave my device unattended. I understand that the device is for my own use. I will never loan it to another individual. I will know where my device is at all times. I will charge my device battery daily. I will keep food and beverages away from my device. I will not disassemble any part of my device, or attempt any repairs myself. I will use my device in ways that are appropriate and meet district expectations. I will not place decorations (such as stickers, markers, etc.) on the device or case. I will not deface the asset tag or any other district label on the device. I understand that my device is subject to inspection at any time without notice and remains the property of MUSD. I will follow the policies and guidelines outlined in this agreement and handbook. I will notify my teacher or other staff member immediately if my device is damaged, lost or stolen. I will be responsible for all damage or loss caused by neglect or abuse. I agree to return the district device, and any accessories in good working condition at the end of each school day. Students By signing below, I recognize and agree to all conditions established above. Student Name Student ID Number Student Signature Date Parents My child agrees to the guidelines outlined above. Parent Name Parent Signature Date Maricopa Unified School District #20 January 2020

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