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Savannah-Chatham Co. Be a Part of Your Child's Education Public School System 208 Bull Street Every Step of the Way Savannah, GA 31401 NEED HELP? Participating in your child's progress has shown to make a difference academically. Please contact the Pare nt Access PowerSchool Representative at your child's school or visit our FAQ site Parent/Student Portal Parents and guardians will have their own individual account What is Parent Access? Knowledge of student's daily progress Increase parent or guardian involvement Increase Student Achievement PowerSchool's Parent Access allows instant knowledge of what's going on with a student's academics anytime, anywhere! PowerSchool's Parent/Student Portal provide the opportunity to read announcements, catch up on student's class assignments, monitor grades, attendance and discipline Our Mission Access online anywhere in Real-time To ignite a passion for learning and teaching at high levels How do I start using Our Vision Parent Access? From school to the world: All students prepared for productive futures Contact your student's school and answer a few security questions. Once confirmed, a letter containing an access ID and password will be provided. Before using Parent Access, create an GET INVOLVED Parent Access Availability account at http:://sccpss.powerschool.com/public/home.h Parent Access will be available online after the tml. Instructions for using the Parent Access portal are also posted on the SCCPSS website. The point of contact for support will be the student's school. tenth day of each school year and will close five days before the end of the school year. During that time, the login function will be disabled. SCCPSS In addition, as the marking period changes from one quarter to another, expect to have access to student's grades for the new quarter five days after the start of the quarter

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Access arent Engaging Student Education through the Web Connecting PowerSchool Mobile App to PowerSchool PowerSchool Access: Creating success, communication, and collaboration. To log into PowerSchool go to our homepage at www.sccpss.com and click on the Family & Students hyperlink The PowerSchool Mobile app walks the user through an on-boarding process. Most users will enter a four-character district code that is used PowerSchool has the ability to keep parents informed of their student's performance and engaged with anytime, anywhere access with a direct URL to PowerSchool: to locate the PowerSchool server. Features of the Mobile App include: access to assignments real-time grades and attendance, teacher comments, fee transactions and balances automatic email messaging, and the ability to see multiple children under one account. https://sccpss.powerschool.com/public/home.h STUDENT/PARENT TOOLS tml PowerSchool: Parent/Student *If a user does Under Student/Parent Tools> PowerSchool: Parent/Student Access, then click on Create Account. Student/Parent will be prompted to log in after creating an account. Additional instructions can be found at parents.sccpss.com not know their v MPR District Code, they can search for their district by district name or school name. PowerSchool PowerSchool Student and Parent Sign In 1. Open the PowerSchool Mobile app and on the Sign In screen tap Help or the question mark in the upper right corner 2. On the District Code Help screen, tap Search for Your District sign in Create Account Parents and students will benefit from the transparency of assignments, scores, and grades. The goal is for parents as well as students to be able to see strengths, weaknesses, and growth Student and Parent Sign In 3. Enter the full district name or school name in the fields provided, and then tap Search Research shows students whose parents are 4. On the Search Results screen, tap the correct involved in their education tend to have better school name. 5. On the District Details screen, tap Connect to academic performance and fewer behavioral transgressions. PowerSchool makes it easy for parents to get and stay involved with convenient, time-saving solutions to track and monitor the ir child's progress this PowerSchool. 1. Enter username in the first field 2. Enter password in the second field 3. Click "Enter" or "Sign In" 6. On the Sign In screen, enter username and password, and then tap Sign In.

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