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November Family Night

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Family Night Here are some things parents have said about our previous Family Nights. " personally attended because as good as my parent was, there are areas that were hurtful I don't want to pass those to my kids. I think these sessions can give me some tools and "The kids' activities were thoughtful and organized and my kid was able to see friends and get energy ourt. He was happy to be there even though he had been in school all day. "It was convenient to have dinner made for understandings to help with that." our whole family so we could focus on the program." "I came away with a new understanding of 'Trauma', as well as a deeper understanding of behaviors that I see in kids where typical ways of responding are not effective." 5-6:15 PRESENTATION NOVEMBER 6:15-7 DINNER AND DISCUSSION 21 THE TOPIC OF THE EVENING WILL BE PHYSIOLOGICAL (THROUGH THE BODY) AND ECOLOGICAL (THROUGH EXPERIENCES) WAYS TO EMPOWER YOUR CHILD. DINNER WILL BE SALAD, PASTA, AND GARLIC BREAD. ALL CHILDREN WHO ATTEND WILL BE SERVED DINNER AND BE ABLE TO SPEND SOME TIME WITH AND LEARN ABOUT THE BENEFITS OF THERAPY DOGS. THEY WILL ALSO BE PUTTING TOGETHER SNACK BOXES TO KEEP IN THE CAR. ANYONE FROM THE COMMUNITY IS WELCOME TO ATTEND THIS EVENT AT JONES FARRAR IB SCHOOL. PLEASE RSVP BY NOVEMBER 14. WE CAN ATTEND I AM UNABLE TO ATTEND THIS EVENT, BUT I AM INTERESTED IN FUTURE EVENTS CHILD'S NAME NUMBER OF CHILDREN_ NUMBER OF ADULTS TEACHER'S NAME PLEASE RETURN THIS PORTION TO YOUR CHILD'S TEACHER Made vith PosterMyWal com

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