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Good News Club® is an exciting, fun-filled, weekly club for kids that is always free. • Dynamic Bible Lessons • Creative Learning Activities • Inspiring Missionary Stories • Meaningful Fun Songs • Life-Changing Scripture Memory Your child will learn: • Respect for Authority • Moral Values • Character Qualities • Biblical Principles Who teaches the club? Specially trained Christians who are concerned for the spiritual well-being of your child teach the club. All club workers are screened as required by CEF's Child Protection Policy to ensure your child’s safety. Sponsored by: Child Evangelism Fellowship® of Tri-Cities, Inc. Hosted and Conducted by: Volunteers from Grace United Reformed Church. Contact: Gretchen Millard 509-366-2076 Start Time: 2:00 PM End Time: 3:30 PM Date: Every Wednesday 11/6/19-4/1/20, all full days of school. NO CLUB 3/18/2020 Location: Grace United Church, 2500 W. 4th Avenue, next to Westgate Elementary School Who can attend? All boys and girls, grades K-5th, regardless of religious background. Parents are also welcome to attend with child. Parent /Guardian: CEF does not provide transportation to the Good News Club (GNC™ ) location. Parents must arrange transportation to the GNC location, and must pick up each child promptly at GNC end time. Our policies do not allow GNC teachers or helpers to remain after club. If your child is not picked up immediately after club three times throughout the school year, he/she will not be allowed to continue attending. Thank you for understanding. The United States Constitution requires schools to respect the right of all external organizations to distribute flyers to students at school if the school permits any such organization to distribute flyers. Accordingly, the school cannot discriminate among groups wishing to distribute flyers at school and does not endorse the content of any flyer distributed at school. The school encourages parents to assist their children in making choices appropriate for them. This is activity is NOT endorsed or sponsored by the Kennewick School District. Good News Club® Registration Form 2019 – 2020 Please return completed form to Club Leader or Good News Club basket in the school office. _______________________________ (child’s name) is allowed to attend the Good News Club at Grace United Reformed Church, every Wednesday after school. There will be no clubs on half days, school holidays and 3/18/2020. Club will run through April 1, 2020. Clubs will run concurrent with the school calendar. I understand it is my responsibility to pick up my child at 3:30PM and failure to do so will jeopardize my child’s continued participation. _______________________________________________________ _________________ Parent /Guardian Signature Date Indicate how your child will get home on club day.  My child will be picked up after Good News Club.  My child will walk/bike home after Good News Club.  My child is registered for and will attend the extended day/after-school program___________________________. Child’s Name (first and last): _____________________________________________________________________ School: ________________________________ Homeroom teacher: ____________________________ Grade: ____ Circle one: M / F Birth Date: _________________ Age: __________ Street Address: ______________________________________________________________ Apt. #_____________ City: ____________________________________ State: ________ Zip: ____________ List any security/custody issues with this child? ________________________________________________________ List any special needs (ADD, Asperger’s, Dyslexia, etc.) _________________________________________________ Child’s allergies (peanuts, chocolate, etc.): ____________________________________________________________ Family Email: ___________________________________________ Home phone: _____________________

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