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The Lexile-based"Find a Book, Alabama" tool offers students over 260,000 book selections. This book-search tool enables individuals to build custom reading lists based on their Lexile range and interests. Students and parents can also check availability of books at local libraries. They can also pledge to read throughout the summer by using this tool (https://fab.lexile.com/fab/alabamal) The Alabama Summer Learning Challenge also includes a FREE email-based math skills program for students who have completed 1st through 8th grades.. Starting Monday, June 17th, parents will begin receiving daily emails with fun activities and resources to help students retain essential math skills. After the program ends on Friday, July 26th, parents can print a special award certificate to celebrate their child's wonderful summer accomplishments! Visit this weblink for more details: https://www.quantiles.com/parents-students/find-math-resources-to- support-classroom-learning/summer-math-challenge/ Register today! This summer, Stride by Fuel Education is FREE to all students in Alabama from May 1 to July 31. Prevent Summer Slide" with a great blend of online math, reading, language arts, and science skill practices. Fun games and learning for every student. Parents and their children may access the Stride learning platform online anytime - on tablets, PCs, and Macs. Register and login at https://www.fueleducation.com/alsummerlearnin Sparking a student's personal joy for reading is important! Using Big Universe by Fuel Education, students and parents can access 14,000+ leveled eBooks and high- quality learning tools anytime-on their tablets, laptops, or computers. This platforms' search functions also identify eBooks by genre, grade level, Lexile, and other filters Big Universe will be FREE to all students in Alabama from May 1 to July 31. Register and login at https:/www.fueleducation.com/alsummerleaning. *Please note, to participate students and/or parents must register for Big Universe prior to May 21, 2019 Parents can also make learning fun this summer for students by utilizing the great opportunities and events at Alabama's local libraries. http://www.publiclibraries.com/alabama.htm

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