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KG Summer Lunch Bunch 2024

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Delivery Time 11:00 11:00 11:00, 11:15, & 11:30 11:00 & 11:10 KG Summer Lunch Bunch 2024 Supported by Local Churches and Organizations of King George County Join our "Lunch Bunch" Tuesdays & Thursdays June 4 August 1, 2024 This program offers your child a free lunch as well as a free book. Children must be present to receive a lunch and choose a book. Pre-school to high school students welcome. Gail Drive, Dahlgren Site Luka Street Mobile Home Park Oakland Park Subdivision (3 Stops) State Road (2 Stops) Site Delivery Time Hillcrest Motel 12:05 Holiday Drive Mobile Home Park Pineview Mobile Home Park: 12:05 Chester Street & Daniel Court 11:00 Monmouth Woods, Bradford Place 11:00 Monmouth Woods, Cromwell Place 11:10 Chompers Street & Carrol Court 11:10 Dahlgren Harbor Apartments 11:15 Bill Court 11:20 Hudson Lane Subdivision 11:20 Robert Drive 11:30 Monmouth Woods, Cooks Place 11:20 Shorty Lane (end of paved road) 11:40 Heritage Court Townhouses 11:30 Pandy Circle and Elmer Drive 11:50 Relax Inn 11:30 Chester Street and George Drive 12:00 Willowglen Apartments 11:35 Pine Forest Apartments 11:45 Stout Lane Mobile Home Park 11:45 Woodside Apartments 11:50 For More Info Send Email To: Visit us at Cedar Knoll Apartments (Stanley Road) 11:55 Inaugural Drive Townhouses 11:55 Rev 5/15/24

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KG Summer Lunch Bunch 2024 Additional Stop Location Information Site Dahlgren Harbor Apartments Hillcrest Motel Holiday Drive Mobile Home Park Inaugural Drive Townhouses Hudson Lane Subdivision Luka Street Mobile Home Park Monmouth Woods, Bradford Place Monmouth Woods, Cromwell Place Monmouth Woods, Cooks Place Oakland Park Subdivision, Stop #1 Oakland Park Subdivision, Stop #2 Oakland Park Subdivision, Stop #3 Pine Forest Apartments State Road, Stop #1 State Road, Stop #2 Visitor parking area behind maintenance shed Visitor parking area behind playground & pool Visitor parking area near mailboxes At intersection of Passapatanzy Rd. & Oakland Dr. At intersection of Forest Ridge Dr. & Mullen Rd. At intersection of Charleston St. & Mullen Rd. Parking area in front of rental office At end of state maintenance At intersection with Freedom Lane Location Time Parking area between Bldgs. 90 & 91 and Bldgs. 98 & 99 11:15 Parking area near rental office 12:05 Near entrance & at end of main drive 12:05 Under tree next to mailboxes 11:55 At intersection of Hudson Ln. & Walkers Ln. 11:20 At intersection of Luka St. & Shag Ln. 11:00 11:00 11:10 11:20 11:00 11:15 11:30 11:45 11:00 11:10 Stout Lane Mobile Home Park Near intersection of Stout Ln. & Acorn Ln. 11:45 Willowglen Apartments Woodside Apartments On right at end of Cherry St. next to Bldg. 10484 Parking area near rental office 11:35 11:50

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