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The Gata Data ST. AMANT HIGH SCHOOL 12035 HIGHWAY 431, ST. AMANT, LA 70774 AUGUST 2023 STA's Military Family Kiletico says, "My number one goal is to recruit more people. I really believe in this program and think it has benefits for everybody." He assures that regardless of race, or personal beliefs, NJROTC accepts and benefits each of their cadets. Each cadet gains an way up the ranks through NJROTC equal opportunity of pushing their and a possible future in the military. BY: JADYN HUGHES AND JO THOMAS Gata Data Reporters NJROTC is prepared for the vear of 2023-2024. NJROTC is Ascension Perish's military focused program dedicated to disciplining and strengthening the minds of their cadets through competitions, practices. inspections, and more. They benefit their students with a PE credit. the advantage to enlist in higher ranks and an eye-catching uniform. To begin the vear. On September 30. Commander Kiletico and Commander Bates, the new overseers of the NJROTC program. along with their Cadets drill will practicing arms during the Brother colors Martin Competition with more competitions set to follow. These competitions move from in and out of state. allowing each program from their selected schools to show off their training and unison from their weeks of practice. To highlight their team's goals. Cadet Ensign Strother savs. "I want us to place first in the state. I want us to win more competitions." Other interviewed cadets have mentioned the same goal and are prepared to achieve it. BY: The Gata Data Staff Report The St. Amant Gator football team experienced a direct result of the hard work put in this offseason in their shutout win over the visiting Assumption Mustangs last Friday. Sophomore quarterback Cooper Babin turned heads in his debut as he found the endzone through the air three separate times in the first quarter alone. Cadets believe this program has assisted their education and personal ascension. Petty Officer First Class Gerald Waterman says, In the opening three minutes of play, Babin earned his first of two touchdown passes to Junior receiver Brody Kernan to open the floodgates. Assumption responded with a punt, but the Gators kept their foot on the gas ending the following drive with another score, this time on the ground from Senior running back Kyron "The best way the program has me is with my w iscipline and work e Whether cas nic. this it's program has helped me commit to what I need to. NJROTC has assisted its students i in the of their time self-dils. Cadets have and management, described the to give them a sense of of acichment and work ethic from their personal and shared achievements. The NJROTC room is filled from floor to ceiling with proof of their hard work and dedication and more are on their way. As well personal growth, each interviewed cadet has brought their personal and professional relationships with each other to light as one of f many enjoyable features of NJROTC. Cadet Lieutenant Commanding Officer Yocke, asked his favorite when thing about NJROTC, says, "How close everyone is. Everyone is super close and nice. It's a good atmosphere that can bring people Craft. "We played togebody played team," Babin said. selfish, it was a good team win." While the Gator offense was firing on all cylinders, the defense continued their stout performance by persistently holding the visiting Mustangs scoreless. "I thought we controlled both lines of scrimmage and I thought we executed on offense," said Head Coach David Oliver. "Those were the things that we have been working on during the offseason. With just under three minutes left in the first, Babin tossed his second scoring pass of the night, a near 40-yarder, this time to multi-level threat Senior wide receiver Easton Jarreau. Jarreau, who also serves as the team's kicker and punter,. then earned the extra point on his own touchdown. There were only 30 seconds left in the first quarter when Babin earned his third passing touchdown, Kernan's second receiving score, to build on an already dominant 21-0 lead. The Gators closed out the two-quarter Jamboree with promising performances from some of the unsung heroes of the squad, including Senior Starting Quarterback Cooper Babin rushes the ball into the end zone for a touch down. With the new year comes new recruits and this year, Commanders. The overseers hold years of experience; both retired from service and excited to give insight to the next generation. When asked for his hopes for the upcoming year, Commander Babin tosses 3 touchdown passes in 35-0 rout of Assumption together." Their bond enhances their performance during competitions and their environment at school. During the high school quarterback Chase Kelley. Kelley punched in a touchdown of his own to cap off a productive drive from some of the team's backups to put the nail in experience, the close knit family and ability to achieve a socialize with your fellow students is expressed to be one of the most most important aspects. Finding well-functioning team is one of many benefits of joining the NJROTC program that have inspired the cadets. 01 A similar inspiration for cadets of all ranks is the future advantage NJROTC gives them. Between an advancement in work ethic and time management, the military program pulls out key qualities a future career looks for; Not only for military service but for a variety of to take. paths a student can choose to The program opens new college or scholarship opportunities with a more long-ters. In ook for . In the case of a for more student minded achievements, eachary competition carries a e of Ties a line o recruiters - another inspiration for cadets to work their hardest. 47% of graduated seniors intend to take in this advantage and grad These mind of military service. students will be able to take positions two ranks higher than others with their NJROTC the coffin of the team's 35 point victory. "It's good that there is a correlation between hard work and success early in the year," Oliver said. "It makes it easy to build the kids up. They are working hard, they are getting better, and they are fighting a lot of elements and adversity, so I was proud that they " came out to play like they did." credentials. The Military family has only grown stronger through their of hard work and discipline. years Now they look for numbers. Students of all grades are given the to take the NJROTC opportunity to course to replace their physical Education class. One of many explanations on why others should join, Cadet Chief Petty Officer Deaton "I feel like it's a huge confidence builder. It is something that teaches leadership skills and makes it easier to put yourself out there." This program carries an endless amount of long-term possibilities and ideas for their students. For those who are ready to dedicate their time and effort, our Military Family is ready to welcome you. PHOTOS BY MADELYN LONG Senior Easton Jarreau hauls down a touch down during the Jamboree August 25. The Gators have faced issues of having inconsistent practice times and not being able to practice together due to the recent extreme heat. Oliver was happy that the team could find a way through this adversity and focus on what truly mattered: winning together. "That just lends itself to a lot of excuses," said Oliver, "but we just came out and said 'it's time to play"." When asked what game he most looked forward to, Babin said, "Everyone in the district that we lost to, especially Denham Springs. I've got that one circled." The Gators look to open their regular season with another win when they face visiting G.W. Carver at The Pit on Friday, September 1. Junior Brody Kernan catches an pass in the endzone for a Gator touch down.

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August 2023 Back to School Poll BY: AVERY LAMBERT AND AGUSTINA BUSTOS Gata Data Reporter What's one main goal you hope to accomplish this year? "I hope to make the first chair wind symphony in band." Kyra Bassiest- Sophomore What are you most looking forward to this school year? "I'm looking forward to seeing a lot of my friends and learning new things." Lauren Bell- Freshman What makes you a good learner? "Working together with people I'm close to because they'll know how to help when I struggle." Haley Babin- Senior MANT RS What are you looking forward to this year? "Getting to know my new students and I have a senior this year so I am looking forward to doing all the senior festivities and watching him graduate." Jodey Bruno- Teacher What are your main goals you want to accomplish this year and why? "I want to get a higher GPA, strive for better grades and try to meet new people." What is the biggest obstacle you think you're going to face this year?" "I am taking a lot of college courses and it's going to be a lot of homework, so I need to make sure to stay on top of that." Caroline Cash- Junior Trend Alert BY: REBECCA CRESIE Gata Data Reporter Do you want to know what the popular girls are wearing? Page 2 Need to buy someone a gift but you aren't sure what to buy? Trying to get a Hoco date? Trend Alert is here to help! We report on the best of the best. Perfume, Accessories, Shoes, you name it we'll let you know what's the popular option. This issue of Trend Alert is all on Perfume/Cologne! Top Perfume for Girls: Ariana Grande: Cloud Bath and Body Works: Warm Vanilla Sugar Bath and Body Works: Champagne toast Top Cologne For Boys: Versace: L'Homme Aeropostale: Cedar and Hemp Versace: Eros (edt) What do you think makes you a good learner? "Learning through examples and experiencing it myself." Ella Templet- Junior

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August 2023 Suicide prevention awareness month BY: SAVANNAH MATLOCK Gata Data Reporter September 1 begins National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month. At St. Amant High School, there are a plethora of mental health aids within every student's reach. With numerous counselors always prepared to help any student, access to the suicide prevention hotline on the back of every ID and even uplifting posters displayed around campus, STA does its best to encourage optimism and well-being among it's students. "We want students to know they are not alone," says Sarah Jorge, one of STA's Counselors. "We don't want any student to lose their life when we want to help them achieve their best." High school can be a time of stress and anxiety for many people. Learning how to balance school with outside hobbies, jobs and new responsibilities can be very difficult. Jorge recommends building a schedule and staying organized to keep track of these tasks. Label certain tasks as higher priorities and make sure to fit them into a weekly to-do list. "Get a planner and kind of map out the hours in the day and set aside the time that you're gonna put into those tasks," Jorge says. When your week is organized, it allows you to focus on the things you must do at that moment, instead of panicking about the things that need to be done in the future. It is a physical reminder that everything will get done at some point, and you don't have to do everything at once. Maintaining the hobbies that make you happy is also very important when considering your schedule. Depriving yourself of these hobbies can be damaging to your mental health which in turn can cause a loss of motivation for your higher-priority things. "Any kind of activity that really brings you joy, it's important to try to fit some of that in every day," Jorge says. stress. All I'm worried about is actually working out and getting better," sophomore Caleb Murphy adds. When you do find yourself feeling stressed, Jorge suggests breathing exercises. Stepping back and taking deep breaths forces you to escape the overwhelming feelings and focus on your breathing. "It's called a grounding technique and that helps bring you back to the present moment because a lot of stress and anxiety that students may be feeling is very future oriented," Jorge says. For example, Destiny Annearney a freshman at St. Amant says, "One mental health ritual that I do during the school year is making sure I give myself time at night to do skin care and downtime." "I like lifting weights and wrestling because I feel like I can lock in and be myself. There's no She also recommends thinking about your surroundings: What do you see? What do you smell? What do you hear? Taking a mindful moment to check in with your senses reduces those feelings of pressure. It's important to remember that you can always revisit things that are making you worry so don't let those feelings take over. In addition, Jorge says that talking to someone you trust if you ever feel down can help significantly. "Students can prioritize their mental health by breaking the stigma...asking for help when they need help and talking to their parents, talking to the school counselors here, talking to medical professionals and seeking the support and help that they need." It may be scary, but if you are experiencing symptoms of depression or anxiety, someone is willing to talk. No one is alone in these struggles and it is in those moments, when someone believes that they have no way out or nobody to talk to, that people make permanent decisions on temporary feelings. "We don't want any student to lose their life when we want to help them achieve their best," Jorge adds. If you believe that someone you know is struggling, reaching out to them can make a huge difference. Sophomore Lucas Sevario says, "You can talk to a loved one and they'll get down to your level and speak with compassion and trust." If reaching out in person is intimidating, the Suicide Prevention Lifeline (988) provides 24/7 confidential support to anyone who needs it. Additionally, the Teen Crisis Textline is available to all young adults who need someone to talk to and can Jamboree Gallery Dates to remember September 30: Homecoming October 5-6: Midterms October 9-10: Fall Break October 23: Quarter 1 Report Cards sent home October 28: ACT at STA November 20-24: Thanksgiving Break December 7-11: LEAP Testing December 19-20: Final Exams December 21: Quarter 2 Report Cards Sent Home December 22-January 5: Christmas Break NATIONAL SUICIDE PREVENTION LIFELINE 1-800-273-TALK (8255) be reached by texting 833-TXT-TEEN or 833-898-8336. Page 3 Suicide Prevention Awareness Month shines a light on topics that some would otherwise consider too heavy to talk about. Creating a safe space around mental health is so important, especially on a school campus where these feelings are new and seem inescapable. Jorge ends on this note: "I encourage students to reach out and seek help. It might be intimidating at first and it might be uncomfortable but I encourage you to do it. Help is available." HOME DOWN TO GO BALL ON QTR

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