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HALLSVILLE MIDDLE SCHOOL 2023-2024 SUPPLY LIST H All grades optional items - lock for lockers, 11.6 inch Chromebook Case, headphones 8TH GRADE ELA - 2" binder w/pockets and dividers, loose leaf paper, colored pencils, pencils 8TH GRADE SOCIAL STUDIES - pocket folder, #2 pencils, 1 box of tissues 8TH GRADE SCIENCE - ziploc bags (quart), folder and paper, pencils and erasers, dry erase markers (at least 2), markers, pens, scissors (5 in. or 7 in.), glue stick 8TH GRADE MATH - 1" binder, 2 pkgs loose leaf paper or notebooks, pencils & colored pen or highlighter, Scientific Calculator (TI-30XIIS preferred) CHOIR - 1" black binder, dry erase marker, pencils, Concert Attire: Dress pants, dress shirt, and dress shoes, or knee-length dress/skirt, blouse, and dress shoes All subjects for 7th grade - Daily or weekly planner, 2 Kleenex, Colored pencils, Pencils, Dry Erase Markers, 1 pkg. loose-leaf paper, headphones 7th MATH - 3 ring binder (2" or bigger), 5 tab dividers, "Scientific Calculator (TI-30XIIS preferred)" 7th SOCIAL STUDIES - Notebook or Loose leaf paper, 3 ring binder 1 inch, highlighter 7th ELA-1 Folder with 3 prongs 7th SCIENCE - Zip Locks - Quart or gallon, Folder with 3 prongs, Composition Notebook All Subjects for 6th Grade - #2 pencils (3 pkgs), Kleenexes (2 boxes), Headphones for chromebook, Colored pencils, Scissors, Glue, Trapper (optional, but is useful), Clorox wipes (optional, but is helpful) 6th Math - Calculator (can be basic or scientific), 1 inch binder, Dividers, 3 ring folder 6th Social Studies - Folder 6th Reading - Grading pens (red/green), Yellow folder 6th Science - Spiral notebook, Green folder 6th Writing - Composition notebook, Folder ELECTIVES - 1 folder, 1 notebook, Writing Utensil P.E./BODY CONDITIONING - clean tennis shoes, athletic shorts and/or sweat pants, t-shirts (no cut offs), non aerosol deodorant, lock for locker room (or school will provide one) ART - Colored pencils, markers, pencils, erasers, Optional (Kleenex, hand sanitizer, colored pencils, markers, colored sharpies, black sharpies, pencils, glue bottles, glue sticks NURSE (OPTIONAL) - Ziploc sandwich bags, disinfectant wipes, Kleenex, Deodorant, Feminine hygiene products (tampons), Individually wrapped snacks (granola bars, etc.)", Clorox wipes, Chapstick, cases of water SPECIAL EDUCATION/LIFE SKILLS-Kleenex, Pencils, Pencil top erasers, Crayons, Colored pencils, Markers, Expo-brand dry erase markers, Ruler, Glue sticks, Bottled glue

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