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ESports Summer Camp at CHS

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CHS ESPORTS SUMMER CAMP CLIFTON HIGH SCHOOL July 5th to August 11th SUPER SMASH BROS 00 MARIO PARTY 00 MARIO KART FREE PLAY Sign up below! ||||| Open to Middle School Students ХХХ ХХХ

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Greetings Parents! Does your child have an interest in Esports or playing video games competitively? We have a club at Clifton High School dedicated to just that! It is a club where students get together virtually or in-person to compete against other schools in certain virtual games. The advisor of the club hosts a summer camp where middle school students can play among like-minded peers. The camp pricing is $85 dollars per time 3 hour time slot or $150 for the full day, per week. The camp is active from July 5th to August 11th, and takes place at the high school. Email Mr. Marmorstein at with any questions or just sign up on the Google Doc below!

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