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SAMS Staff Directory 2022-2023

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St. Amant Middle School 2022-2023 Administration, Student Services, and Office Staff Title Name LaToyia Green Matthew Herring ISSP (discipline) Instructional Coach Guidance Counselor Guidance Clerk SBLC/504 Secretary Bookkeeper Librarian Library Clerk Nurse Social Worker Teachers Name Samantha Matherne Heather Bergeron Daryn Freeman Haly Todd Tina Fisher Patricia Saber Principal Assistant Principal Chad Wilson Rebecca Acosta Candace Sharper Janissa Laviolette Amy Braud Debbie Trabeau Brenda Hutto Laurin Hutchinson Allison Barado Trish Little Deidre Kibbe Grade/Subject 6th/ELA 6th/ELA 6th/math 6th/math 6th/science 6th/science Email WILDCATS ST. AMANT MIDDLE SCHOOL Email

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William Borne David Carlyle Kristie Pregeant Dustin McCrory Ellie Noel Kelli Hopper Kelly Smith Michelle Letourneau Jason Jackson Erika Gautreau Tyler Gremillion LaShante Singleton Allison Forzani Frances Jenkins Kaycie Ricks Kelly Smith Lanie Pearson Emily Crowder Stacie Goodson Ashley Rouyea Keith Lavigne Kathleen Troullier Wayne Grenfell Jacob LeBlanc Julie Lato Jessica Hardesty Ashley Jarrell 6th/social studies 6th/social studies 7th/ELA 7th.ELA 7th/math 7th/math 7th/math 7th/science 7th/science 7th/social studies 7th/social studies 8th/ELA 8th/ELA 8th/math 8th/math 8th/math 8th/science 8th/science 8th/social studies 8th/social studies PE PE PE PE, math enrichment, and cyber society STEM and computer literacy Band and fine arts survey Art and fine arts survey

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Jaime Clouatre Nancy Robert Anita Cann Glenda Ambeau Annie Daniel Kim Hammond Tammy Viverata (para) Dalee Criddle (para) Andi Oubre (para) Cheryl Riedlinger (para) Tish Louivere (para) Arlene Marchand (para) Rhonda Bordelon (para) Abby Harris Perla Lopez Sports Football Volleyball Basketball Track Soccer Cheer Dance Lead special education TAG 6th/special education 7th and 8th/math sped 7th and 8th/ELA sped LEAP connect Special education 6th/special education 7th and 8th/math sped 7th and 8th/ELA sped 7th and 8th/science sped LEAP connect LEAP connect Speech ESL Wayne Grenfell Keith Lavigne Chad Wilson Haly Todd Chad Wilson (girls) Keith Lavigne (boys) TBA (girls) Keith Lavigne (boys) Tyler Gremillion (girls) Jacob Leblanc (boys) Tish Louivere Jaime Clouatre Brenda Hutto TBA (girls)

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Clubs Beta 4-H Youth Legislature Cajun Cookers Yearbook Tammy Viverata Arlene Marchand Michelle Letourneau Lanie Pearson Erika Gautreau Deidre Kibbe Janissa Laviolette Stacie Goodson Facebook: SAMS Daily Snap: Join this google classroom for school announcements and info 2552hf6 (students only) Visit our website:

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