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2022-2023 7th Grade Supply List

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The chart below is a subject-specific supply list: ELA: Math: 1-inch binder pencils 3 dividers Science: Stem: St. Amant Middle School 2022-2023 7th Grade Supply List 1-inch binder 1 plastic folder with brads and pockets 4 function calculator 1 plastic pocket folder with prongs 1 pack of graphing paper Social Studies: 1-inch black binder 1 box of tissues 1 roll of paper towels (No homeroom class for SS) FINE ARTS SURVEY: (high school credit course) 1 sketchbook $20 Lab Fee per student (This fee is for class Art supplies that are typically hard to find and/or more expensive when purchased individually.) Band: 1-inch Black Binder with clear front/back cover (heavy duty) 20 page protectors (for Band Binder) (Non-Glossy, Heavy duty) 3 dividers (for band binder) 1 Binder Pencil Pouch (for band binder) Flip Folder & Lyre (for your instrument) Items needed for ALL classes: Earbuds 2 Packs of colored pencils (turn in one pack to Science) 4 Packs of #2 pencils or lead pencils (turn in two packs to Homeroom) 4 Packs of paper (2 for math, other packs of paper will go in your binders) 1 Pack of Expo Markers 2 Packs of Post-it Notes (turn one in to STEM & ELA) 2 Packs of Highlighters in a variety of colors (turn in one pack to ELA) 2 Packs of Pocket Dividers with a set of 5 Tabs 3 Packs of Heavy Duty Page Protectors (one for Math, one for Science, & one for your binder) 1 pair of scissors Classroom Supplies (All of the below supplies will be picked up in homeroom): 2 Roll of Paper Towels 2 Box of Tissues 2 Box of Clorox wipes ***PLEASE*** Replenish paper and pencils throughout the year!!!

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