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2022-2023 6th Grade Supply List

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1 pair of earbuds 2 one-inch binders (heavy duty) 2 Packs of Manila Office File Folders (Standard size, 25 Count) 2 packs two pocket plastic tab dividers (8 count) 2 plastic pocket folders with prongs 1 pack of loose-leaf paper 2022-2023 6th Grade Supply List 1 pack sheet protectors (at least 25) 1 one-subject notebook 4 packs of penc (will not be shared with others) 2 packs of colored pencils (12 count) 1 pack of CRAYOLA ONLY crayons 1 handheld pencil sharpener 1 pack of thick Expo dry erase markers 4 yellow highlighters 1 basic 4-function calculator (+,-, x, ) 1 bottle of Elmer's liquid glue 1 Clorox wipes 3 boxes of Kleenex 2 rolls of paper towels 1 bottle of hand sanitizer *The following items are a MUST at all times and should be replaced as needed: ● Loose-leaf paper ● Pencils ● Earbuds ● Binders Stem Supplies 1- plastic folder with brads 1 pack of post it notes Band 1- Plastic Folder with Brads & Pockets 5- Page protectors (non glossy, heavy duty) Art Elective Supplies 1 - sketchbook $20 Lab Fee per student (This fee is for class Art supplies that are typically hard to find and/or more expensive when purchased individually.)

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