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2022-2023 CHS Varsity Cheer Tryout Information Dear Athlete and Parents, We are so excited that you have chosen to try out for the CHS Varsity Cheer team. Before tryouts begin, there are certain responsibilities that you need to know. Cheerleaders are a representation of Conway High and should behave accordingly. Any inappropriate or disrespectful behavior will be dealt with at the discretion of the соaches. • If you make the cheer team, it is not just a commitment during school hours; it also requires time outside of school. These out-of-school times will be mandatory, and no absence except another school activity or unforeseen emergency (such as illness or death in the family) will be excused. These out of school commitments include, but are not limited to, camps and stunt clinics, afterschool and summer practices, football and basketball games, morning pep rallies, fundraising events, etc. • Football season starts in August and basketball season does not end until the 2nd week of March. We will attend all varsity football games (Fridays) and basketball games (Tuesdays and Fridays). If you are involved in competitive (non school affiliated) sports, please know that your school cheer obligations come first. There is a financial obligation for competition cheer choreography/clinic, stunt clinics, and cheer accessories. The first payment of $300 will be due by April 12 at the mandatory CHEERLEADER/PARENT MEETING. Additional payments (amount will vary depending on items needed) will be due April 27 and May 20. New cheerleaders to the varsity team can expect to pay more than a returning varsity cheerleader. • Please see the following page with the MANDATORY DATES for practices and camp. your son/daughter makes the team, he/she will be expected to be at each practice and event that is listed. Please schedule your summer vacations, work schedule, and church camps accordingly. Failure to attend practice could result in disciplinary actions and/or result in not making the competition team. We will also plan to attend 1-3 regional competitions prior to the State Competition beginning in November. If

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Mandatory Cheer Dates for 2022-2023 *School functions are excused absences. *These practice dates are designed to prepare for next year as well as for STATE COMPETITION in December. Missed practices may/will affect your spot on the competition team. Varsity Tryouts Monday - Thursday, March 28-March 31: 4-6 @ arena Mandatory Cheerleader/Parent *$300 due - this covers stunt clinics, camp, choreography; Make Meeting Tuesday, April 12 in the field house at 6:30 payment payable to Conway Booster Club. Stunt Clinic #1 Thursday, April 14 from 3:30-5:30 @ Sonshine Academy Wednesday, April 27: 5th period @ fieldhouse *current 9th graders will do fittings when 8th/9th do theirs *Money for specific items due. Price will Make Fittings vary among cheerleaders. payment payable to Conway Booster Club. Stunt Clinics #2-3 Thursday, April 28 and Thursday, May 12 from 3:30-5:30 @ Sonshine Academy Money to Varsity due Friday, May 20: Payment due to Varsity's Parent Portal for items ordered from Varsity; payment will vary among cheerleaders. Summer Session #1 Tuesday and Wednesday, June 7-8: 9-11 @Sonshine Academy Summer Session #2 Tuesday and Wednesday, July 12-13:9-11 @Sonshine Academy Camp Monday - Thursday, August 1-4: 8:30-12:30 @Sonshine Academy • Friday, August 5: 8:30-11:30 Practice and Team Bonding @ fieldhouse Back to School Practice • Monday - Friday, August 8-12: 8:30-11:30 Practice and Team Bonding @ fieldhouse Every Thursday when school starts from 3:30-5:00 beginning Thursday, August 25. Stunt Clinics Choreography Day Saturday, August 27:1-6 @ Sonshine Academy #1 TBD @ Sonshine Academy Choreography Day #2 (if needed)

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COMMITMENT SIGNATURE: With my signature, I verify that I understand and agree to the responsibilities of being a CHS cheerleader as outlined above. I understand the practice dates that are mandatory. I understand and agree to this commitment. Student Signature Date: Parent Signature_ Date: General Information Sheet Please Write Legibly Student Name: Grade for 2022-2023: Student Cell Phone: Student Birth Date (include year): Parent/Guardian Names: Address: Mom cell phone: Dad cell phone: Parent Email: : Any medical information about your daughter that I need to know: CIRCLE THE STUNTING POSITION YOU ARE MOST ACCUSTOMED TO: ВАCK SPOT MAIN BASE SECONDARY BASE FLIER CIRCLE THE STUNTING POSITIONS THAT YOU ALSO HAVE EXPERIENCE WITH: ВАCK SPOT MAIN BASE SECONDARY BASE FLIER RUNNING TUMBLING (CIRCLE ALL THAT APPLY): RO+BHS RO+MULTIPLE BHS RO+TUCK RO+LAYOUT RO+FULL STANDING TUMBLING **Minimum tumbling required is a standing BHS BHS (CIRCLE ALL THAT APPLY) MULTIPLE BHS TUCK FULL **Do not mark a skill if you do not 100% HAVE the skill. *If you mark that you have these skills, you will be expected to throw these skills weekly. If you are injured, a doctor's note must be obtained and on file with Coach Brown with specific restrictions outlined with a return to play indicated.

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Tryout Information Tryouts will be held in the Buzz Bolding Arena. You will be evaluated on the following: Tumbling - standing back handspring and roundoff back handspring is the minimum tumbling requirement; will observe and score other tumbling as well. Jumps - the proper execution of a hurdler and a toe touch Ability to learn and execute two sideline chants, a sideline dance, and a group cheer that includes poms, signs, a jump, and a bhs. Proper technique will be reviewed for the use of props. Voice projection and facials, plus overall impression. Stunts - scored on ability to properly execute a stunt position with a range of stunts from an extension to more elite skills such as an inversion and full up to extended position March 28=March 31 Monday: 4:00-6:00 Tuesday: 4:00-6:00 Wednesday: 4:00-6:00 Thursday: formal tryout begins at 4:00. Please have a ride waiting on you by 4:30. Absolutely NO friends, family, or unauthorized persons in the arena at any time. Tryout Clothing to be worn: Solid black shorts Solid white t shirt (no designs/not see through) Solid white socks Sports bra No colored polish, no long fingernails, no jewelry Hair back in a ponytail; no bangs in your face; no bows Cheer or Athletic shoes PLEASE BRING THE FOLLOWING: PERSONAL WATER BOTTLE LABELED WITH YOUR NAME Your physical and/or paperwork if it hasn't been uploaded to Dragonfly. Required Forms Checklist - Visit for uploading physical(if needed) and completing Emergency Information and all required electronic signatures. Current Physical (not needed if an up to date one is already on file with the athletic office). Physical must be marked CLEARED for an athlete to participate in tryouts. If you can't upload it, just bring your current physical when you come on March 28. If you do not have a current, cleared physical, you will not be able to participate. Go to DRAGONFLYMAX to obtain the correct Physical Form to be taken to your dr for clearance. Dragonflymax forms - Athletic Consent Form AAA Sports Medicine Fact Sheet AAA Agreement/Consent/Release Form PPE History Form General Information Sheet filled out with your COMMITMENT SIGNATURE included in this packet If these forms are not turned in before/on the first day of tryouts, your son/daughter will not be allowed to participate until forms are completed and turned in. If you have any further questions or concerns about tryouts please email Coach Cindy Brown at

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