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Student Name: School Name: Return By: Teacher Name: BARN HILL PRESERVE Program Date: ESTD. s012 Grade: PERMISSION SLIP/ORDER FORM Barn Hill Preserve strives to educate students about animals from wild places across the world by bringing the zoo to your school! Our enthusiastic animal experts, who are experienced in the fields of wildlife rehabilitation, zoological conservation and captive breeding programs, will give a FREE 45-minute presentation at your child's school where they will learn about our awesome Animal Ambassadors! By purchasing an optional photo or merchandise item, you can help provide care to our Animal Ambassadors. 100% of profits from our Adventure Squad bracelets are donated to support wildlife rehabilitation in Australia. Please visit our Facebook page Barn Hill Preserve of Delaware for more information, including sample photos of the photos and merchandise you can order! To order online visit www.barnhillpreserve.com! When ordering online please turn in a copy of the receipt to the classroom teacher prior to the presentation. Help support our Animal Ambassadors with an Animal Experience Photo or Merchandise (OPTIONAL) item pric qty description Cash, Online, or Photo with a bearded dragon* | $10 a 4x6 professional glossy photo print of your child with an Animal Ambassador of their choice with a bamboo backdrop. MAKE CHECKS PAYABLE TO BARN HILL Photo with a tortoise*| $10 *Animal may be substituted based on animal's behavior, etc. PRESERVE Adventure Squad bracelet $5 Show your support for wildlife with this high-quality silicon bracelet! $35 fee for any returned Collapsible Metal Straw $8 Help reduce plastic waste with our metal straws that fold into a case. The cases come with a keychain so you can keep it on your lunch box or bag at all times! checks Symbolically adopt one of our animal ambassadors! Includes: animal plush, fact card & certificate. Merchandise may be delivered to your student's school within 3 weeks if out of stock Animal Ambassador adoption| $15 kit Adventure Squad t-shirt| $20 Join the adventure squad with our logo T-Shirt! **mark size (Youth: L, Adult: S, M, (1x 7 * MUST SIGN FOR STUDENT TO ATTEND ANIMAL SHOW * I give my child permission to attend the Barn Hill Preserve Animal Show (and participate in an Animal Experience Photo if indicated above) with LIVE ANIMALS. I agree to hold Barn Hill Preserve harmless in the event of a bite, scratch, allergic reaction, etc. Parent/Guardian's Signature:_

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