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YOU'RE GOOD Covember Just one thing. As we've been telling you for over a year now, all meals are no charge for all students every school day all year long. But, confusion, we need to remind everyone that that means every student can free meal at breakfast and one at lunch every day. What that to clear up any get one doesn't mean is that we're now an all-you-can-cat buffet. According to the regulations we have to follow, we can only feed you one no-cost meal at each meal time. So one free breakfast. One free lunch. For every student. Every day. All year long. We hope you're taking advantage of this great program, and, trust us, we love seeing your smiling face - twice a day. ALLSTUDENTS EATALLMEALS@ 2021 ANO COSTe School Meals We serve education every day" | Chula Vista Elementary School District This institution is an equal opportunity provider. Menus are subject to change. CHULA VISTA ELEMENTARY SCHOOL DISTRICT9 BREAKFAST A Thank You students may choose 1% or nonfat white milk at breakfast. Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Pan Dulce Breakfast Bites Breakfast Bun Cinnamon Toast Bagel & Cream Cheese Pumpkin Bread Pancakes Frudel Apple Chewie Bar Oatmeal Breakfast Bun Cinnamon Chex Cinnamon Toast Crunch Rice Chex Lucky Charms Blueberry Chex *VETERANS' DAY NOVEMBER 11* LUNCH Students may choose hite milk or nonfat chocolate milk at lunch. SALAD BAR Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Fruits: bananas, kiwis, oranges, pluots, pears & 100% fruit juice Chicken & Waffle Pepperoni Pizza Popcorn Chicken Cheese Pizza Chicken Tenders Corn Dog Chicken Taquitos Beef Rotini Mini Burgers/Hamburgers Double Dog Vegetables: baby carrots, black beans, broccoli, squliflower, celery sticks, corn & garbanzo beans Quesadilla Yogurt, Cheese & Granola Bean & Cheese Burrito Chicken Tamale Macaroni & Cheese

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HALF FRUITS AND VEGETABLES RAINS, MOSTLY WHOLE Raise your hand if you've been helped by a teacher. ABOVE BEYOND WARM AND SOAPY. and You wash your hands to get rid of germs - and water alone can't do that. You If the state of Alaska were placed inside the continental United States, it would stretch from coast to coast and from Canada to Texas. At their closest point, Alaska and Russia are only 55 miles apart. need soap and warm water to rinse away bacteria. So soap up your hands, pull them laska out of the water stream and rub them all over for at least ten or fifteen seconds, and then rinse off. EAT BETTER. PLAY HARDER. LIVE HEALTHIER. LEARN EASIER. American Education Week November 15-19 WELLNESS IS A WAY OF LIFE! Oranges - Fun facts Harvest What's on YOUR plate Navel oranges are the most popular in the world Unlike other fruits, citrus does not continue to ripen after being picked of the When choosing oranges, look for firm, heavy, and bright ones Month Slice oranges for a quick, healthy snack. DAIRY Whata-melon! Freeze 100% orange juice in a paper cup with a popsicle stick or spoon. Ticklers DON'T FORGET TO SET YOUR CLOCKS BACK More importantly, you might You might ask, "What is this watermelon doing wearing a big pink bow and sitting on a gold throne$1" Brain Word Month char-i-ta·ble Where's the only place that Christmas comes before Thanksgiving$2$3 ask, "Why is this watermelon square$4!!" These square melons debuted in Japan as a trendy gift, selling for around $200 each. 1 HOUR adj. 1. full of love for and good- will toward others 2. Generous II (tlold the page upside down and read it in a mirrer for the answer!) They're grown in boxes to get the cube shape, and they're meant to be ornamental, and most often they are not meant to be eaten, just admired! to those in need 3. merciful or VII kind in judging others SUNDAY, NOV. 7 Learn more at or healthy/food/pyramid.html IN PROTEIN FOODS

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