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High School Supply List (9th-12th)

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哥 High School Supply List 2021-2022 Academic Year Art O A pencil and eraser must be brought to class daily. O Cleansing wipes (travel container) Business Accounting Personal Finance O Basic calculator O Basic calculator Choir Chamber Choir Concert Choir O 1" Black binder O Binder paper O Pencil O Concert Attire: See email for details O 1" black binder O Binder paper O Pencil O Concert Attire: Black dress clothes/Black shoes English/Language Arts & Spanish O Composition book (Spanish, Creative Writing, College Composition) O Notebook (English II students, see the note below) O Binder/folder O Pens/pencils O Highlighters/colored pencils O Three subject notebook (English II) *** Copies of all texts will be provided Math O Loose Leaf Paper, or Perforated Notebook Paper O Pencils, Pencils, and more Pencils O Colored Pen for grading, and corrections O Folder or Binder (For Geometry and Algebra II) O Binder (For Pre-Algebra and Algebra I) O Calculators: Students in Pre-Algebra through Algebra Il will need a calculator Note: A TI-30XS Multiview is sufficient for Pre-Algebra through Algebra II. For students who wish to invest in a graphing calculator, we recommend the TI-Nspire CX calculator. It needs to be the CX version and not the CAS version as the CAS version is not allowed on the ACT. This is the only calculator that students would need for all math courses including Dual Credit courses.

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Physical Education O Daily apparel: Clean tennis/athletic shoes, shorts/sweats, t-shirt Science Physics O Scientific calculator O Binder/folder to keep hand outs (open-note quizzes) O Expo markers (optional) Biology/Anatomy/AP Biology O Biology: 3-ring binder (at least 1"), dividers, pens, pencils O Anatomy: 3-ring binder (at least 1"), colored pencils (24pk or larger), pens, pencils O AP Biology: 3-ring binder (at least 1"), composition notebook, note cards, pens, pencils Social Studies O Binder: For note-taking/organization (world History and Geography students do NOT need a binder) О Рарer O Spiral notebook (For World History and Geography Students) O Pens in multiple colors to color-code notes Special Education Classroom/Life Skills Plastic Storage Bags: Sandwich-size and gallon-size O Kleenex O Pencils O Pencil top erasers O Crayons O Colored pencils O Markers O Expo-brand dry erase markers O Ruler O Glue sticks O Bottled glue General Supplies O Student planner O White eraser if taking paper standardized tests (they don't smudge) O Additional folders/pencils/paper O Lock for locker (optional) ***Please consider donating Clorox wipes & hand sanitizer

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