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2020-2021 School Bus Driver Stops Council Elementary/Middle & High School Barton, Denver- Boyd Ridge / Rt 600/ Rt. 80 Main Road from G&J Grocery to county 15 line bridge; Poplar Hollow; Indian Creek; Lambert Fork; Copperhead to Rt. 80 to Big A Mountain at Jamie's Old Store 25 Stanley, Kevin-Start at Right Fork of Greenbrier and Old Springs Road, then to Russell Prater Elementary; Prater's Zip In; Rt. 658 Paw Paw Rd. Ratliff, Jeremy- Rt. 80 1 mile to top; 80 West 2 miles; Left on 602 Combs Ridge; 3 miles 37 Right on Rt. 692 to dead end; to Rt. 602; 4 miles to 692, 3 miles to Rt. 80 Bowman, Necole- Rt. 600 Hurricane Creek Rd; Rt. 681 Rockhouse Branch Rd; Rt. 607 Fletcher Hollow Rd; Council Mountain Road Rt. 623 Ball, Marlie- Fletcher Ridge Road; Indian Grave Gap Rd; Stinson Ridge Rd; Highknob Nance White Road; Grissom Creek Rd; Back Grissom Creek Rt. 622 31 1 18 Gilbert, Edye - Russell Prater Elementary; Rt. 80 down to G&J Grocery Barton, Antony- Big Fox; Little Fox; Runyon Hollow; Laurel Branch 4 Grundy High School Sparks, Kenneth- Elkins Branch; to Home Creek; Main and Left Fork of Home Creek; 50 GHS; REMS 11 Hibbitts, Robert- Upper Mill Branch; Rt. 83 South; Hobbs Branch; Enoch's Branch; GHS; REMS 9. Jackson, Rick- Little Prater to Dairy Queen; GHS; REMS Smith, Eddie - Conaway; Buckeye; State Line; Lynn Camp; GHS; REMS Plymal, Craig Rt. 460 to Harman (Bull Mtn); Doubling Fields Hollow; Deel Fork; All Harman; 44 48 Union Hollow; Rt. 460; GHS; REMS Tim Ramey- Lower Boyd's Trailer Park; GHS; Keen Mtn. Camp; GHS; REMS Hibbitts, Preston- GHS; Hoot Owl; Town of Grundy; Dave's Branch; Lower Mill 14 39 Branch; REMS 32 Rowe, Greg- Panther Ridge Road; Slate Creek; GHS; REMS McClanahan, Mona- Bear Branch, War Fork, Russell Prater School to Vansant Red 202 Lights, GHS; REMS 27 Fuller, Howie- 638 Dismal River Road; Rt. 640 Hale Creek Road; Rt. 641 Patterson; Slate Creek; Rt. 639 Compton Mtn. Road; RD# 3155 Myrtle Road; GHS; REMS 26 Bostic, Scotty - BCTCC; Slate Creek; Lick Branch; Stone Coal; Smith Branch; GHS; REMS 209 Christian, Bill- Little Prater Church of Christ; Rt. 460; Watkins Branch; Rt. 460; Poe Town; Rt. 460 to Riverview; GHS; REMS 24 Webb, Loni- Rt. 645 from the mouth of Rt 691 Jack s Creek to Last House Hollow; Brown's Bottom; GHS; REMS SCHOOL BUS

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Hurley Elementary/Middle & High School Hall, Donna- Main Guesses Fork to WV line; HEMS; HHS Melvin, Wilma- Mill Creek; Elk Creek; Laurel Creek; HEMS; HHS Justus, Cheryl- Old Lester's Fork; Brushy Fork Road; Turning @ Davis Fork; HEMS; HHS Dotson, Paul- Race Fork; main Road Paw Paw; Right Fork Paw Paw to 49 2 21 10 KY Line; Swan Fork; HEMS; HHS 28 Cooper, Mark- High School to Coon Branch; Hiram Fork; Straight Fork Dotson, Tommy- Left Fork of Paw Paw; Main Road to Abner's Fork, May Branch; 30 Hunt's Fork; Abner's Fork; Old DA Justus Elementary; From Hardin Hill to Salmon's Garage; HEMS; HHS 208 Justus, Patricia- Main Road from Starlin Dotson's up to Right Fork of Guesses Fork; Right Fork of Guesses Fork to head of hollow; Pounding Mill; HEMS; HHS 206 Spencer, Judy- Left Fork Paw Paw; Main Road from Abner's Fork; up to top of Rock Lick Mtn.; Puncheon Camp; Hurley road from HEMS to Laurel Creek; Main Knox; HEMS; HHS 35 Tester, Greg- Main Lester's Fork Road; Davis Fork; Elkins Branch (Roseanne side); HEMS; HHS Davis, Brandon- Mouth of Coon Branch to JM Bevins; HEMS; HHS 207 Riverview Elementary/Middle School Dotson, Steven- Poplar Creek to Wood's Fork; Belcher's Fork; Convict Hollow Rd; GHS; REMS Owens, David- REMS; Rt. 460; Big Rock; Rt 645 to Rock Lick up to and 7 8. including Rt 691 Jack s Creek; GHS; REMS Cox, Gay- Deskins; Rt. 657; Rt. 620; turn at Union Chapel Church; Rt. 460 to REMS; GHS; REMS Church, Anthony - REMS; 6 & 20 Mile Branch; Looney's Creek; Stiltner's Creek; GHS; REMS Hodge, Cindy- BCTCC; Slate Creek; Elkins Branch (turn at Boulder Rd.) Upper Boyd's Trailer 22 45 19 Park; "The Place"; GHS; REMS Cantrell, Kayla- 3170 Conaway Rd; Turn KSC Road; Happy Hollow; Crow Pass Road; KSC Road; Breaks; Bull Mtn. Rd.; Rt. 460; GHS; REMS Ratliff, Mary - Leemaster; Red Dirt Road; Mott Branch Rd.; Rt. 460 to REMS; GHS; REMS Cantrell, Nora- Stable Drive; Poplar Creek; Airport Rd.; Kidd Mill Road; Sykes; Southern Gap; Poplar Creek to REMS; GHS; REMS Vandyke, Martha- Dryfork; Anchorage Shopping Center; Vansant Stop Light; 211 214 36 34 GHS; REMS 17 Looney, Norma- Sunset Hollow; Russell Prater Elem; Route 83 to Leemaster; GHS; REMS Crigger, Tommy- Russell Prater School to Greenbrier Left Fork Stevens, Chad - Rt. 639; Stateline Ridge; Davis Mtn. Rd; Rt. 83; BCTCC; GHS; REMS 12 43 SCHOOL BUS

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Twin Valley Elementary/Middle School Boyd, Traci- Grundy High School to JM Bevins; across Hale Creek to Hale Creek Road Route 640 and Dismal River Road Intersection at electrical substation; TVHS; TVEMS Owens, Andrea - Contrary Creek Rd. to Clifton Fork Rd. to Osborne Mtn. Rd. including Mann Branch and Ratliff Branch; Rt. 629 Keen Mtn Rd.; Prison; Blueberry Hill; 54 215 TVEMS; TVHS 33 Long, Jeanie- TVEMS; Rt. 460; Shortt Gap; Rt. 618; 7 Mile Branch; John Clifton Hollow; TVHS; TVEMS Burniston, Thomas - Kennel Branch; Rt. 460 to Webb Branch; Carter Cat; Keen Mtn Camp; Mouth of Garden Creek to mouth of Page; TVHS; TVEMS Rowe, Kathleen TVHS; Dismal River Rd.; Brown Mtn.; Hill Top Rd.; Chicken Ridge; TVEMS Street, Carolyn- Rt. 660 Long Br. Rd. to Garden Creek Road Rt. 624 to Cherokee Road; 52 16 217 Berry Hollow; Rosen Camp Road; Long Branch Road; Whitt Branch to Trivett Road above Rowe Post Office; TVHS; TVEMS Twin Valley High School 3 Fuller, Patty- Rt. 638; Rt. 641 Patterson Road; Lower Big Branch Rd; down to Wilderness Road; TVEMS; TVHS 51 Maxwell, Shelby- TVHS; Rt. 628 to Ferrell Cemt. Rd.; to Rt. 628; Loggy Bottom Rd.; to Pacing Horse Rd.; Werner Rd.; Harry's Branch to Rd. 5070; TVEMS 23 Mitchell, Omega- Jewell Valley Rd.; to Pea Patch Rd; 616 Horse Ridge Rd.; 616 Wimmer Gap Road; 635 Dismal River Rd; TVHS; TVEMS 216 Mullins, Delma- Rt. 654 Spruce Pine Road; Main Rt. 638 Dismal River Rd.; Upper Big Branch Rd.; Lower Big Branch Rd.; TVHS; TVEMS 218 Payne, Dusty- TVHS; TVEMS; Route 626 to Page; Turn at Walker Branch; Gum Branch; Ballenger Road; Robinson Fork Rd; Breeden Branch; Old Vandyke Hollow Ward, Jeremy- Laurel Creek Rd.; Dismal River Rd.; Loggy Bottom Rd; Compton Mtn. Right; Compton Mtn. Left; Wimmer Gap Road; Lynn Camp Road; Bill Young Mtn. to TVEMS; TVHS; TVEMS 46 SCHOOL BUS

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